Discovering our Agile Mindset

  • Discovering our Agile Mindset

    • May 16, 2019
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    Discovering our agile mindset

    Being agile is all about being authentic because it focuses on people, teamwork and essentially puts trust at the heart of our delivery process. It encourages us to be brave by challenging the status quo and promoting continuous improvement at all levels: individuals, teams, and organizations. The agile methodologies have also been founded on the premise that developing new and exciting software is undoubtedly a creative process, involving different people with different skills, and certainly not a repetitive, predictable industrial process like manufacturing. This is why I feel agility comes naturally to our tech teams because it fits perfectly with the ASOS values.

    How agile we are doesn’t matter

    It doesn’t really matter how well we estimate our stories, how sleek our retrospectives are or how efficient our stand ups are. It doesn’t matter how we best forecast our velocity, whether JIRA is a better tool than VSTS, and if our multiple boards radiate the right information.What really matters is whether we are satisfying our customers, our stakeholders, and our employees.

    Don’t get me wrong, agility is a beautiful thing and these techniques, practices, and tools are improving man­­­y aspects of how we deliver software across the company. Quality, transparency, and productivity are improving as we implement more agile engineering practices within our teams, as we improve our ceremonies or as we gain clarity on the outcomes we want for our customers by writing even better user stories.

    The true benefits of agility will be felt when we, as individuals, as teams, and as an organization, can embrace the set of values and assumptions behind the agile manifesto. To put it simply, when we can ‘think’ in an agile way whenever we try to solve complex problems. I agree that this may sound a bit vague, so I’ll try to give you some examples of the core beliefs, which are, in my opinion, part of an ‘agile mindset’:

    • Building new and innovative software is a complex endeavor involving people, not resources
    • It is a creative process focused on outcomes, not on outputs
    • Everything changes all the time, which is why adaptability and a thirst for knowledge key to what we do
    • It is vital to have enough room to experiment and try new things, even if it is understood that these experiments might not succeed
    • In that sense,there is no failure, only feedback and lessons to learn, which help us to adjust our next actions towards our desired outcomes
    • Innovation and using new technologies are two separate things. They might overlap, but it is not because you use new technologies that you are necessarily innovating (and vice versa)
    • Software delivery teams are more driven by intrinsic motivations (autonomy, mastery, purpose), than by extrinsic motivations
    • People will excel at what they do when they have put the effort in, not because they have an innate intelligence
    • When it comes to delivery teams,the whole is better than the sum of its parts
    • The best decisions are taken by the people closest to the work
    • The best products are built when delivery teams collaborate with customers

    I understand that some of these assumptions can sound controversial because they directly challenge how most organizations are currently set up and envisage delivering software. For instance, the way that some teams are structured in component teams instead of feature teams prevents them from taking full ownership of the features they are helping to deliver. Or the fallacy that adding more people to a team will invariably lead to more software being delivered (generally, the opposite happens, especially when the reason to add more people is to meet unrealistic deadlines). Another example is the multiplication of job titles across the industry, which unconsciously tends to pigeonhole people in specific roles and prevents their growth in other areas, even though it would eventually help teams deliver better software.

    Of course, it would be very tempting to dramatically change our structures and the way we operate, and align them wholeheartedly with these beliefs, hoping that it will automatically trigger an agile epiphany across the organization. Only it doesn’t really work this way — it would be like building a brand new and highly functional office without any foundations. At the first tremor, everything would fall apart. Unless we go through the journey of discovering our agile mindset and what it truly means, any effort put towards implementing new ways of working and new organizational structures would be doomed, and we would have to quickly go back to our old working practices.

    It is crucial to start creating the conditions for this mindset to emerge amongst each one of us, knowing that unless we accomplish this, we may never achieve the ideal environment as we grow to continue to foster high-performing teams.

    How do we get there?

    It won’t happen magically overnight, it takes time and effort from every one of us:

    • The kind of agility the ASOS agile community is championing aims to show what more, as an organization, we are capable of
    • The new talent we are bringing in is also helping us transition. The ability to blend in and continuously challenge the status quo is at least as important as, if not more, than the technical skills we are seeking
    • The culture our tech leaders are creating by embodying Authenticity, Bravery and Creativity is enabling our collective agile mindset to blossom

    If each one of us manages to slowly shift the way we view work, from a means to pay the bills or a way to flatter our ego, to a place where we have the confidence to come as we are and become better human beings (as well as becoming better developers, QAs, BAs, architects…), we will unleash the extraordinary potential of agility.

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Anas Adnan
Anas Adnan
21:26 13 Jul 19
NOT RECOMMENDED for CPHQ course sharing my review from my own experience with RED learning . me and my friend registered for the CPHQ course and we decided to withdraw after we attended the first class, I tried to get our money back but the refused, I called the police for them and they offered me to refund 60%. that we didn’t accept and that’s how we were forced to continue. we decided to withdraw and we not recommending RED learning for the following reasons: 1- the RED learning has no experience in teaching the CPHQ course, we were the first patch ( 4 students) & weren’t informed about this point. 2- although the CPHQ costs 2850 the quality of service was cheap. 3- all the professional institutions are teaching the Janet Brown book as its the main book to pass the CPHQ exam, but the are teaching the HQ solution that considered as a side reference. 4- cheap study material was provided ( 2256 PPt slides made as book that its volume is bigger than the book it self & a hacked HQ solution scan PDF) 5- the instructor seems lost and her teaching methods are not meeting the criteria of registration for the CPHQ course as she is memorizing NOT understanding what she is teaching, she kept saying you can read this alone, she was laterally reading from the slides and for the parts that needs to be understood she advised to watch youtube!. at her CV it’s not mentioned how many CPHQ hours she touch or where!! 6- the refund policy is unfair and robbery as it will be the total amount if you attend the first class of the course and the worst it wasn’t explained to us from the beginning how we could make our judgment without attending the class!. 7- don’t communicate with a person his name is RIZWAN as this man giving a fake promises, unhonest and has no professional ethics and morals, he tried to coup my friend on me & … he even offered my friend to pay her commission if she will fake people by advising them to join the RED learning for CPHQ course. 8- at the course brochure we received by email from RED learning it mentioned: No matter your job title, position, department specialty, or working environment there are no formal eligibility requirements to sit for the CPHQ Certification. while at another professional institutions websites it mentioned: Eligibility: CEOs, Quality management professionals, Medical Directors, Accreditation Officers, Senior nurses, Risk managers Healthcare Administrators and all Health care professionals interested in managerial or quality jobs. because for sure not everyone is eligible for the CPHQ and this will give an indicator that RED learning is cheap, unprofessional, just looking for money and have no experience what is CPHQ course is. 9- at the RED learning website it mentioned (100% satisfaction rate), while this is just a fake information because nothing is perfect and they are faraway from that. I really felt that RED learning is just care about money without any consideration of the quality of there services, the students or there reputation. Although we finished the course we didn’t receive our CME certificates yet!! In contrast, another really professional institution with a high experience such as Transformed they are providing Janet brown, HQ solution and JCI book all parented and there refund policy is to pay 500 AED to book a seat , to attend the first class and if you want to withdraw simply will pay you your more
reshma rose
reshma rose
07:58 07 Jul 19
Red learning is one of the best institutions when it comes to PMP, PgMp trainings. They have the best tutors in the industry . My PMP classes are tutored by Mr.Najmul Hussain. The classes are very lively and interactive. The Red learning team, especially Mr. Sangeeth KS is always there to help you with reading materials or any sort of help you need for training or application process. I highly recommend Red learningread more
Romi Mehta
Romi Mehta
11:06 06 Jul 19
Highly recommended if you are looking to obtain a PMP certification. Under the guidance of Mr. Najmal(Dubai), I was able to successfully pass my PMP exam in the first attempt with "Above Target" score in all the Project Management Process Groups. He is an experienced trainer and PMP practitioner who will guide you throughout the entire process right from the time of training, application approval till you get your PMP certification. Red Learning has a good library resource of PMP related course materials and mock tests that will help you practice questions in a real type exam simulation environment. They also have a very great staff and I would like thank Aleesha, Rizwan, Hazal, Melvin for their continued more
Mohammad Ziad
Mohammad Ziad
09:03 14 Jun 19
The best in town,, lovely team (Sangeeth, Aleesha, Dexter & everyone) Najmul Hussain has the full PMP knowledge, and surely can deliver it to more
Amith anand
Amith anand
09:28 12 Apr 19
Brilliant sessions and Excellent trainers with good infrastructure
Master mind
Master mind
08:38 15 Mar 19
Excellent and experienced trainer as well as support staff with pleasant Environment
Harit Sunny
Harit Sunny
06:50 15 Mar 19
Highly recommend for pmp training
snehal katkoria
snehal katkoria
14:01 13 Mar 19
Awsmm program structure and refreshing atmosphere..
Rabbi Khan
Rabbi Khan
12:01 01 Feb 19
The Trainer is very knowledgeable and so does the training materials. The Staffs are very more
Arun c s
Arun c s
08:58 01 Feb 19
Excellent learning experience. Thank you team Red Learning.
vishnu haridas
vishnu haridas
09:31 29 Jan 19
Red Learning is a very professional learning center. I am very impressed by the quality of the faculty and staff and the state of art facility that serves a perfect foundation for any learning/ education system. The instructor is very professional and clear in his teaching style. I would give a 5 star rating more
Jolandi Mellet
Jolandi Mellet
11:20 27 Jan 19
Comfortable environment and an amazing teacher. I would highly recommend Najmul and his team at Red Learning! Thank you for all your support during my journey obtaining my CAPM more
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