Certified Associate In Project Management- CAPM®

CAPM® is an entry-level certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI), for the project managers or individuals who are interested in the field of project management. CAPM® can improve the fundamental knowledge of the individual about project management.


The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® is a foundational certificate aimed for individuals who have completed their academic education and are looking to start a career in the field of project management and will allow to distinguish you in the job market and enhance your credibility and effectiveness working on — or with — project teams.
CAPM improves the fundamental knowledge of the person about project management.
CAPM Certification provides recognition to the candidates who are planning to make their career in Project Management


Get Associated with the international body called PMI (Project Management Institute).Candidate will be able to monitor, execute, control and complete the project in the efficient way

  • An understanding and a brief knowledge of Project Management.
  • Exciting job opportunities can come your way
  • Taking the next step in the career
  • Higher Visibility to Recruiters

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Duration 24 Hours
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    Week 1
    Module 1 - Introductions
    Module 2 - Organizational Influences and Project Life Cycle
    Module 3 - Project Management Processes
    Module 4 - Integration Knowledge Area, processes and exam practice questions
    Module 5 - Scope Knowledge Area, processes and exam practice questions
    Week 2
    Module 5 - Scope Knowledge Area, processes and exam practice questions
    Module 6 - Time Knowledge Area, processes, critical path method and exam practice questions
    Module 7 - Cost Knowledge, processes, EVM, and exam practice questions
    Module 8 - Quality Knowledge Area, processes, additional concepts and exam practice questions
    Module 9 - Human Resource Knowledge Area, processes and exam practice questions
    Week 3
    Module 10 - Communication Knowledge Area, processes and exam practice questions
    Module 11 - Risk Knowledge Area, processes and exam practice questions
    Module 12 - Procurement Knowledge Area, processes and exam practice questions
    Module 13 - Stakeholder Knowledge Area and Processes, processes and exam practice questions
    Exam preparation questions
    Study Exam Advice
    Course Review Close
    Secondary diploma or above
    23 contact hours of formal education
  • Benefits of CAPM Exam Prep Training

    • Hones your knowledge and skills
    • Improves your on-the-job performance
    • Options for Progression.
    • Enhances career prospects
    • Distinguishes you from uncertified counterparts
    • Builds a foundation for PMP certification
  • Benefits from Red Learnings

    • Learn from the best of the breed industry practitioners to develop a practical approach
    • Understand the usage of the right tools and techniques of the professional using the most adopted industry framework and standards
    • Our blended learning programs ensure that you have the best understanding of the subject.
    • We provide best in-house training facilities
    • We are simply best in what we do
  • Najmul Hussain


    Najmul Hussain is one of the most recognized lecturers in the UAE for Project Management and Professional PMI’s certifications including Program Management (PgMP)®, Project Management (PMP)® and Business Analysis (PBA)®.

There are many ways to learnHow to Apply

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    After confirming your eligibility, you can get start with your application which is available on the PMI website and make the payment with the mode of examination selection.

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    Documentation will be mainly based on copies of your secondary degree/ degree certificates with the 35 contact h​ours certificate along with the copies of the experience certificates.

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    PMI will send you an email notification with your PMI eligibility ID and examination scheduling instructions. Now it’s your turn to schedule your exam within one year


  • Red Learning has a wonderful support team. The team's cooperation with me throughout my study period was very supportive. Special thanks to Mr. Najmul for his guiding and direction which eventually led to me passing my PMP.

    Jaffer Ahsan,
  • Red learning is one of the best institutions when it comes to PMP, PgMP training. They have the best tutors in the industry. My PMP classes are tutored by Mr.Najmul Hussain. The classes are very lively and interactive. The Red learning team, especially Mr. Sangeeth KS is always there to help you with reading materials or any sort of help you need for training or application process. I highly recommend Red learning.

    Reshma Rose,
  • The best in town, the lovely team (Sangeeth, Aleesha, Dexter & everyone) Najmul Hussain has the full PMP knowledge and surely can deliver it to you.

    Mohammad Ziad,
  • Red Learning is a very professional learning center. I am very impressed by the quality of the faculty and staff and the state of art facility that serves a perfect foundation for any learning/ education system. The instructor is very professional and clear in his teaching style. I would give a 5-star rating overall.

    Vishnu Haridas,