Demystifying “Supply Chain Management” and the CSCP Exam


During the past few years, the U.S.-China trade war and the COVID-19 pandemic hit global supply chains with lots of disruption which were not thought of.
These events questioned the very basics of supply chains designed primarily for cost efficiency and run according to lean and just-in-time principles and practices, rather than resilient and flexible.
Here we look upon and discuss the main strategies that the Supply Chain leaders use build resilience in their Supply Chains.

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Speaker for the Event

Best PMP Trainer in Dubai.

Certified (APICS CSCP) supply chain professional with 8+ years of experience in Supply Chain in various capacities of Supply & Demand Planning, Purchasing, Production Planning, and Logistics projects.
MBA from NITIE (India’s premier B-School) in Supply Chain Management with experience in India and MENAT market and sourcing from across the globe.
– Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

Key Features of the Seminar

  • What is APICS CSCP and how it fits among other certifications by APICS.
  • CSCP Eligibility
  • Broad sections covered under the certification:1. Supply Chain Design 2. Supply Chain Planning & Execution 3. Supply Chain Improvement & Best Practices
  • Basics of a Supply Chain design. What parameters define a supply chain and how the organizations are rethinking the design of Supply chain during and post COVID.


  • How to think about Supply Chain disruptions and risk exposure.
  • Need to balance efficiency with flexibility, agility and resilience.
  • How to enhance supply chain resilience and minimize negative operational and financial impact.

Why Should You Attend?

  • APICS is the most recognized certification body for Supply Chain across the globe.
  • Learn & demonstrate knowledge of the essential technology, concepts and strategies in today’s extended supply chain.
  • APICS CSCP certification may be right for you if you want to demonstrate mastery of the extended supply chain, from the organization’s suppliers through to the end customer.
  • Often set as a filter for serious candidates for new opportunities in thought leadership positions by MNCs.


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