Today’s human resource professionals are facing a growing skills gap. A recent survey found that 60% of employees believe their current skills will become obsolete in the next three to five years. This brings challenges to the human resources department. Not only do you make existing skills obsolete, but you also need to develop new human resource skills to perform well.
In HR professionals, we recognize four core HR capabilities. These include data-driven, business acumen, digital integration, and people’s champions.

Data-driven, also known as evidence-based, is the ability to read, apply, create, and communicate data about valuable information to influence the decision-making process.
Business acumen, also known as business acumen or business acumen, is the ability to transform the purpose, mission, goals and business environment of an organization into strategy, and position personnel policies and activities to best serve the interests of the organization .
Digital integration is the ability to use technology to improve efficiency and increase human resources and business value.
People’s Advocate is the ability to build a strong internal culture, communicate skillfully, give full play to people’s best performance, and become a trusted employee champion.

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