PMP® Exam Will Change in December

Are you planning on pursuing the PMP this year?

Three months ago, if anyone had told me that the PMP certification could be achieved without leaving your home, I would probably have laughed at it. But sometimes a pandemic like the Corona Virus does present some opportunities that we probably could not expect and that is exactly what has happened with the PMP Certification.
So first let’s look at the traditional approach of getting the PMP Certification that was generally followed until Feb 2020.
1. Student enquiry would lead to a consultation and registration process.
2. Classes would be scheduled (either weekdays or weekends) in a traditional classroom environment.
3. Students would apply to PMI with their application and upon approval get into a preparatory mode.
4. Exam would be conducted at Approved Pearson Centers with scheduled dates and prior bookings.
5. The entire process would take around 3-4 months depending on the individual
So, what changed in the last couple of months. The Corona Virus threat got us into a lockdown, the only thing that a person could do staying at home is purchase groceries or study something online. There wasn’t anything really that anyone can do or rather should do. There couldn’t be a better time to achieve a professional credential.
Suddenly the word adaptability became key, adaptability for the training provider, adaptability for the certifying body. Changes happened and they happened overnight.
So, what are the changes that made it a certification that can happen from home.
1. Educational institutes are now providing the 35 training online with virtual classes with Schedules now more flexible, student can now complete their courses much faster considering they can do it from the comfort of their homes.
2. PMI has introduced proctored examinations which allows students to take their examinations from home.
3. Learning Management systems are now mature and provide content and roadmap when it comes to course preparation.
4. This will weed out the good institutes from the bad.
As such the entire process of getting a certification sitting at home has become a reality, I believe that this model will sustain and become the new norm.
I am more excited about the following
1. The change in student demographics with students from all across the world being able to study together and attend classroom sessions.
2. With virtual classrooms becoming the norm, students will be able to get their training from the best of breed faculty. The awareness of the subject will change and the ability of many students to clear the exam will improve. You will see the drastic change in certified professionals in 2020-2021.
3. Content will and has to improve to cater to the much wider audience.
I am excited about the future of professional certifications; I believe that this is the start to something that will change the way we study and teach. It will give every student privileged and underprivileged the opportunity to learn…. grow and succeed.

Features of the Personalized Plan.

1. One to One Counselling Sessions with the Program Director
2. Customized Roadmap on Red’s Learning Management System
3. Most advanced PMP curriculum (Oliver Lehman)
4. Dedicated Student Support (Application and classes)
5. Mock Up Simulations.

Important Dates

June 2019
New PMP Exam Content Outline Releases

30 June 2020
Last Day to Take Current Version of PMP Exam

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