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Growth poised organizations are investing more in corporate training and implementing customized Learning Management Systems (LMSs) to make their employee training an automated process. A recent survey report shared by Software Advice states, “Almost 96% of stakeholders accept positive effect on the ability to track learners’ progress. The majority of LMS users also accept that it delivered positive impact over employee retention, job performance and engagement.”

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Measuring the effectiveness of employee training and development is a continuous process; LMS helps to know the effectiveness and the ways to improve the training deliverance.

LMS vs E-Learning:


eLearning is a broad term referring to the online availability of learning material. It is a cost-effective training method widely adopted by the organizations to keep the employees updated with the latest developments in terms of the advent of new technologies, new ways of strategy implementation, process improvement, filling skill gaps, etc. As the training content is available online, so, the training consistency is easily manageable and becomes affordable.


LMS is the advanced format of e-Learning that fulfills more expectations of learners. It is a learning platform that delivers learning material with manageable access to a variety of tools. Through this, organizations are able to effectively manage the training and development of learners, thereby enhancing their engagement quotient as well. LMS facilitates the sharing of content with a particular group of employees. As the learners interact with each other through the learning platform, they get a unique feeling of being part of the elite community.


Any LMS learning is e-Learning but not all the e-Leanings are necessarily LMS; the vast difference makes the LMS a preferred choice over e-Learning for corporate training.

Benefits of our LMS for Corporate Training:


      • Availability of training content at one location:
      • Freedom for unlimited access:
      • Measurement of learner’s performance is possible:
      • Reduces Learning &Development (L&D) cost:
      • Reduces Learning time:
      • Helps the organizations alter processes according to the latest compliance regulations:
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Features of our Corporate Training LMS:


The success of LMS for corporate training depends upon its users’ friendliness and technical excellence. Here’s a list of eight key features that a corporate training LMS must have to deliver as per collective expectations:

  • Online progress assessment
  • Compliance management
  • Single Sign-on allows the employees to use the same authentication as they use for other LMS
  • Branding – for corporate culture strengthening
  • Course development
  • Multimedia compatibility
  • Security

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