What is NLP?
Neuro-Linguistic Programming

What is NLP Sales?
Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is a framework that accounts for how people subconsciously produce real-life outcomes through thoughts, language, and feelings. NLP sales involve using specific phrases, strategies, and behaviors to play on that system and subtly shape how prospects feel about an offering.

How is NLP used in sales?
NLP Helps Salespeople to Understand Their Clients.
NLP can help those involved in sales to become more skilled at communicating. By helping those trained in it to be better communicators, NLP helps salespeople to identify their clients’ needs and to meet those needs more easily.

How is NLP useful in successful selling?
NLP deals with influence: how people relate and communicate to others, how they make decisions and how they prefer to be influenced, so is particularly useful in selling. The skills of NLP fit well in a world putting greater emphasis on quality, customer care and sales accountability.


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